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Plaque Services
Sublimated Plaque
Plaques are perfect for corporate awards and for recognition of accomplishment. Their are numerous options when it comes to designing your plaque(s), such as the plaque itself, the material used, the color of the material, and any hardwear (picture frames, certificate holders, etc.).
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Full Color Plaque
Sublimated Plaques
Sublimated plaques open the door to so many possibilities. Sublimation offers full color items, photos, pictures, text and graphics.
If you can dream it, it can happen.
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Engraved Plaques
Engraved Plaque
Engraved plaques add a beautiful, classy, and professional look to any size / type of plaque. Engraving can offer many different styles and designs - colored plastics and metals (aluminum, steel, brass, colored brass ) can be used to enhance your custom plaque.
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Commemorative / Collage Plaques

Picture Plaque
Full color Plaque
Commemorative Plaque
Commemorative / Collage Plaques can be an amazing gift for family and friends. They also make perfect remembrances, memorials, acheivement, and athletic plaques. Our graphic experts will custom design your commemorative / collage plaque for you or you can custom design your own collage pictures and send it to orders@trophyshopengravers.com. We will work with you to ensure you get what you desire.  
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Choose a Plaque

  1.                   Mahogany
  2.     Mahogany - high gloss
    Mahogany - high gloss
  3.                   Rosewood
  4.                 Value cherry
    Value cherry
  1.           Piano finish - black
    Piano finish - black
  2.          Walnut - dura coat
    Walnut - dura coat
  3.                      Walnut
  4.                       Cherry
  1.                       Shield
  2.                     Marble
  3.               Scroll plaque
    Scroll plaque
  4.   Plaques with scroll frames
    Plaques with scroll frames

Choose your material and color

  1. Brass for Engraving
    Brass for Engraving
  2. Aluminum for Engraving
    Aluminum for Engraving
  3. Material for Sublimation
    Material for Sublimation
Brass material
Brass leaves a gold color to the words and designs engraved.
 (gold brass can be Black filled)

Most common colors
Gold, Black, and Red
all colors
Gold, Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Maroon, Brown, Green, Teal, and Pepsi blue

If you can't find your color, call today and ask our team about it
Aluminum material
Aluminum leaves a silver color to the words and designs engraved.

Most common colors
Gold, Black, Silver

all colors
Gold, Black, Silver, Blue, Red, and Purple

If you can't find your color, call today and ask our team about it
Sublimation material

Sublimation is the transfer of ink from a sublimation printer onto sublimation material (metal). Do to this fact we are able to design almost anything you can think off in almost every color

Perpetual Plaque
Perpetual Plaques
Perpetual Plaque
Their are many diffrent syles of perpetual plaques which include the plaques wood type and color, Color of plates on plaque (most common Gold brass or Black brass), and the number of plates on the plaque.
Name Plaque

Perpetual Plaques Styles

  1.      Black Piano Finish
    Black Piano Finish
  2. Rosewood Piano Finish
    Rosewood Piano Finish
  3.                Walnut
  4.             Oak Finish
    Oak Finish
  1.              Cherry Finish
    Cherry Finish
  2.             Round Walnut
    Round Walnut
  3.    Perpetual with Picture
    Perpetual with Picture

Unique Plaques 

  1.     Stand-Up Plaques
    Stand-Up Plaques
    Stand-up plaques are great for sports teams or corporate awards because they let you put a figure as well as a picture and/or informational plate to help better remember the special occasion.
  2.  Plaques with Pictures
    Plaques with Pictures
    We can design the perfect plaque for you how ever you want it. Including picture frames, special designs, logos, and even figures.
  3.      Special Awards
    Special Awards
    We offer many different types and styles of plaques, in order to see more either call or stop in today! Also don't forget to check out our vendors on the home page